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Each teacher has an individual page. Email links can be found there. To find specific information about your child's classroom activities and assignments, locate the teacher and click to be transfered to that page. If the teacher you seek is not on this list, search the 'School Staff' section for additional faculty and staff.


Kindergarten   supply list

First Grade        supply list    

Second Grade    supply list

Readiness Screening

Lynne Cline &
        Marilyn Maxwell

Tina Shoemaker &
        Vickie Elrod

Misty Rollins &
          Tonya Parker   

Victoria Jones

Pam Loope

Beth Sargent

Polly Black

Kris Ellis

Amanda Richardson




Third Grade      supply list

Fourth Grade     supply list

Fifth Grade      supply list

Sara Cross

Emily Buckner

Linda Davis

Jody Dockery

Shannon Belisle

Amber Burks

Brittany Cantrell

Colby Ownbey

Kylee Rayfield






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