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Prospect Elementary Announces Telemedicine is Here!
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Thursday, April 30, 2015
High-Tech Dr. Visit!
High-Tech Dr. Visit!

Prospect is very excited to announce the installation of Telemedicine from Erlanger Children's Hospital. It is a high-tech doctor visit!

Using a computer link to a licensed practitioner in the Care-Mobile, our nurse can show injuries or rashes to the practitioner over a secure internet connection in her office. She can also connect tools to give the practitioner access to the patient's heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure, and lab results such as strep and glucose levels. 

The service is open to all students and staff of Prospect Elementary School. A registration for must be on file for students to participate and parents will be contacted before and after a child is seen in the Telemedicine clinic.

Our nurse, Karen Arthur, tells us that several students and staff have already been treated using Telemedicine for things such as strep and the flu and there is little to no waiting time. Prescriptions are sent to your pharmacy of choice and there is no waiting room full of sick children!

To obtain the registration form, click here (this is the same form as used for the Care-Mobile). For questions, please contact our nurse here.

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