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9/11 Memories
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Fifth Graders Learn About 9/11
Fifth Graders Learn About 9/11
A Perspective of the Next Generation

For those of us who remember it vividly, September 11, 2001 does not seem like 16 years ago. It is one of those days that sticks with us, each and every detail, as though it were yesterday.

For our current students, it is just another chapter in the history book they have to study, like December 7, 1941 was for us. Grasping the importance is beyond their comprehension unless they are given something with which they can connect.

As part of their 9/11 study, 5th grade teacher, Colby Ownbey invited Bradley County firefighter and EMT Aaron Hicks to share his perspective as a first responder with students. A full report with photos is available in the Cleveland Banner HERE.

Firefighter Hicks is also a Prospect Dad. Go Vikings!

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